Maiden’s Residences

A Different Way To Enjoy Adriatic Beauty

Welcome to our PRIVATE collection
of luxury villas in Budva Montenegro

Vivid history, natural beauties and tradition of Montenegro inspired the creation of diverse architectural and artistic settings along its coast. In Rezevici, halfway from Petrovac to St. Stefan, lies Maiden’s Residences; a place which offers a breathtaking view of the Adriatic sea and natural splendour of the Budva Riviera. Inspired by the view and the magical nature, we grasped the opportunity to create a luxury resort containing eight villas with distinctive structures intended for vacations and relaxation throughout the year.

Our Villas

Our Villas

The best location to fall in love with Adriatic Sea. Simply open your window in the morning and breath in freshness you won’t forget or watch one of the countless indescribable sunsets. A truly magical place to be.

Nearby Popular Attractions

Top Things To Do


Long beaches of Budvan Reviera are connected with paths and tunnels that go through rocks. For hiking lovers morning is the best time to catch beautiful smell of Adriatic sea.

Cruises & Water Tours

In nearby area there are many boat tours you can take to explore the sea and for some extreme sport lovers you can find tours like parasailng, bangee jumping and speed boat drives.

Night Life

This is the most popular thing in this area. There are so many clubs that offer good music performances every night. Also a lot of summer festivals are held nearby.

Seafood Restaurants

Adriatic sea is well known for its great offer of seafood. Amazing restaurants are everywhere with best regional chefs ready to prepare some specials for you.